In this video, I share extremely effective techniques for women’s self-defense. This is one of my classes, and it is invaluable. These classes are timeless and they can help any woman who has ever been abused to truly understand the fundamentals to be able to defend themselves, please share with any woman you think might have a use for this information.


00:00 The challenge of helping women who have been abused
00:36 Grabs and chokes the hardest part of self-defense for women to overcome
01:45 Part 01 women’s self-defense seminar
04:38 Women’s self-defense being grabbed from behind
07:22 Women’s self-defense when on the ground
17:16 Tim Larkin finishing comments
18:08 How do you train women that have suffered trauma in women’s self-defense

Part 02 –
Part 03 –

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