Another episode where we look at Bear Hug Defenses from behind. What works what doesn’t, and more. bearhug defense #womensselfdefense #bearhhugdefense #selfdefenseagainstbearhugs
McKenna Smith- PT 2-Women’s Self Defense:


00:00 Bearhug demo
00:14 intro
01:04 Sifu Gus Gates intro
01:46 Bearhug from behind technique
02:52 Take 1 on technique w/Stefanie
03:39 Take 2 on technique w/Stefanie
04:31 Take 3 more aggressive w/ Stefanie
05:23 My take on the bear hug
06:55 Sifu Gus’ take on bear hug
09:24 Debrief w-Stefanie
10:55 Pass or fail
10:57 outro

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