A compilation of the best moments from my popular series: “MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense Techniques”

Have you ever seen a self-defense video so bad with the laziest, most inept excuse for hand to hand combat techniques that it simply would never work in real life? Yeah, me too. I’ve seen a ton of these pseudo martial arts masters and fake self defense gurus spreading their insipid ideas across the internet. But have you ever wondered how those videos would turn out if the 100% compliant training partners simply did not cooperate?

If you’re new the series, we take popular womens self defense videos and test them out against the ultimate litmus test: mild resistance.

Shanghai based mixed martial arts coach and Kunlun Fight Combat League ringside commentator Ramsey Dewey and friends break down the techniques of some of the worst bullshido offenders from the Mcdojos of the the internet.

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Make sure to test out your self defense techniques BEFORE you teach them. Remember, if it doesn’t work against mild resistance, it definitely won’t work against actual violence. Stay safe friends! Thanks for watching, now get out there and train!

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