CENTERVILLE — A little girl was almost abducted while playing at a Riverside playground this weekend. Then, today, a Dayton boy riding his bicycle up and down his street was approached by a man who tried to coax the boy to go home with him.All these recent attempted abductions have led many parents to wonder what they can do to keep their kids safe from prowlers and predators. Places like the Brown Institute of Martial Arts in Centerville teach kids how to defend themselves should someone try to harm them.Master instructor and owner Jeff Brown teaches kids a wide range of mixed martial arts moves, but that’s not all. He also role plays, acting like a potential abductor, so students can practice how to get away, even teaching them how to take down a grown man in seconds. It’s all part of his self-defense program for kids. He calls it R.A.D., which is short for recognize, avoid and defend. He says those three ideas are very empowering lessons for students.        “I feel a lot more safe walking the streets knowing I can defend myself,” said Carson Stone, 13.”I feel more confident that I would be able to defend myself better,” agreed Josh Orlett, 9.While Brown does teach the kids to physically defend themselves by punching and kicking, he said the most important thing they learn is to step back and scream ‘No.'”We call it the lion’s roar in class,” Brown said. “Speaking loudly. Saying ‘no, no, no’ while impacting to allow you to escape.””Before when we went into a grocery store, I  would feel like he would have to be right next to me,” Orlett’s mother, Sheryll, said. “But now if he wants to walk off away from me and look at something, I have no problem with that now.”Sheryll Orlett recommended other kids take at least a few self defense classes, so they have the tools to get out a dangerous situation.You can find additional “Stranger Danger” tips and information on how you can sign your child up for classes here.

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