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In this YouTube video, we teach a self-defense drill for women. When it comes to learning how to protect yourself, it’s important to practice real life drills and scenarios.

In a self-defense seminar for women, many different people experienced to protect themselves in close quarter environment. It’s really important because many attacks happen in a close range.

When an attacker is really close to you, it can be quite dangerous. You need to know how to react form that position. It’s best to bring your hands up to protect your center-line.

One self-defense drill that can be done, is to bring your hands up and have a training partner do the same thing in a mirror effect. From there, your partner can try to grab the back of your neck to mimic a strike. You need to use your reflexes to block the punch form hitting you.

Practice this drill and you’ll see how effective it can be.

Take care and stay safe.

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