Update Body Found at Thunder Hill Overlook is a Male from Rhode Island is now being investigated as a homicide.

Where is Brian ?
5 % Florida
9 % Not alive
14 % Appalachian
72 % Hidden not on the run

Gabby Petito Foundation

Prospecting and hiking today I heard about a dead body being found in Watauga County North Carolina at Thunder Hill Overlook. When you alone in the wood high in the Appalachian Mountains you mind can wander. I starting thinking about if that dead body could be related to Brain Laundrie or if Brian is in the same wood as me being close to a Appalachian trail and in the deep wilderness. This video is just unloading my opinions about his survival in the Appalachian Mountains. Growing up in this mountain region give me a deep appreciation to knowledge of what it might take to survive outdoors here. This video is just a head up to people like me who go deep into the wild off trail exploring the Appalachian. Rockhounding will take you deep into the wilderness but don’t forget to look up and around.

Brian Laundrie is wanted in connection to the murder of Gabby Petito and other related credit card frauds.
There is a nice reward on his arrest.

Local reports say the dead body is not Brian Laundrie and they will not release if there is any connection to him or identity of the deceased.

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