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Learn how to male and use the home made self defense walking stick to Protect and Defend yourself and others. It is the best home made self defense tool you can use. Very inexpensive, easy to get, gives you reach advantage, increases the speed and power of your strikes, and won’t bleed when cut by a knife! So start learning how to make and use your self defense Walking Stick – The Best Home Made Self Defense Tool! Protect and Defend! How to use the home made self defense walking stick. This is also known as the Japanese or Okinawan hanbo or short martial arts staff.

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Matt Pasquinilli is head instructor of Quantum Martial Arts at 905 US Highway 1, Unit N Lake Park, Florida 33403 Located minutes from Singer Island between North Palm Beach, Jupiter and Tequesta in the North, Palm Beach Gardens to the West, and Delray and Boca Raton in the South.

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