When the situation suddenly turns ugly, nothing beats the knife you have on you to help you survive. Check out the best survival folding knives of 2020 here: https://kcoti.com/2ZtAsl2

These folders are built for strength but have versatility in mind and they are convenient to carry for EDC, guaranteeing you’ll actually have it with you when you need it. These are the best folding survival knives you can get your hands on right now.

Featured Knives
Ontario RAT Model 1: https://kcoti.com/2Zvd6LP
KA-BAR MULE: https://kcoti.com/3fysvQY
Buck Selkirk Knife Series: https://kcoti.com/3j1GvVn
CRKT Parascale: https://kcoti.com/2C2tDhr
Spyderco Shaman: https://kcoti.com/3iVX59c
Benchmade 560/565 Freek: https://kcoti.com/3etyWU6
Cold Steel SR1 and more Tri-Ad lock folders: https://kcoti.com/3h0aD1O
TOPS Knives Fieldcraft: https://kcoti.com/2DC5rm9
DPx HEST: https://kcoti.com/3ftS7yd
Leatherman Signal: https://kcoti.com/3h1KwHU

See more of the best survival knives here: https://youtu.be/x3BF0N92h4Y

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