Living off the grid in a luxury earth home made out of trash? Yes, it’s possible!

This is the Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico. A community of over 70 homes or ‘vessels’ that are completely off the grid. They get their energy from the sun via solar panels, or wind, they get their water from the rain and snow melt and recycle it four times, they generate their own heat, and can even grow their own food all within the walls of the home.

These are all located in the desert, with full off the grid functionality and sustainable living in mind. For those who aspire to live greener, these off the grid homes are a sight to behold. Check out the full Earthship tour of THREE of these homes.

What is it like to live in one? I spent 96 hours living in two of the earthships including the Phoenix Earthship, to find out. Read about it here:

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What is an Earthship? 0:00
Earthship Mesa: 01:22
Living/Cooking in an earthship: 3:42
Earthship visitor’s center/how it works: 05:12
Second Earthship – Phoenix tour: 10:27
THIRD Earthship tour: 15:41
Pros and Cons: 16:42

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