Arul and his sister Ruthra and friends Jency, Stella, Victor traveling to a hill station near the Andhra area from Chennai. On the way, they meet in an accident and get injured. They all try to find some help in the middle of the forest and it’s raining. Leaving the car, they finally find a house in the forest. There is an old man living in that house, his name is Bheemsingh. They ask him for help and explain the situation. But Bheemsingh told them to seek help in a town. Their injuries convince him to let them in, but he warns them to not leave the hall. Arul and Bheemsingh go outside to get firewood. As Ruthra and Victor wander around the house to find a bathroom, Ruthra hears a girl crying out for help through a water pipe. They hide when they hear Bheemsingh return and see him check a basement door before the others mollify him. When Ruthra and Victor check the basement, they find Anamika, but they think she is innocent and Bheemsingh kidnapped and locked her in a box. Bheemsingh angrily confronts them with a rifle, but Arul saves them by knocking out Bheemsingh. Arul lets Anamika out of the box and ties up Bheemsingh. Anamika does not speak much, and, when Bheemsingh regains consciousness, he only tells them that they will all die in dumb language. They gag him and look for a working car or phone, to no avail. They soon become suspicious when they discover the house has so much suspense and Bheemsingh has a decades-old photograph of Anamika then only they came to know she is his daughter, and the box is carved with occult symbols. Anamika taunts Bheemsingh by telling him that she will kill everyone. When he frees himself, he slashes his wrists and runs at her with a knife. Victor, who earlier took Bheemsingh’s rifle, shoots and kills him. As Stella and Anamika separate from the others to talk, suddenly one policeman arrives and demands to see Bheemsingh. When they explain that they had to kill him in self-defense, the policeman orders them to enter the box. Arul briefly enters the box, but rushes the policeman and disarms him. The policeman reveals that Anamika is a witch. She can take over the body of anyone who kills her current host. Bheemsingh locked her up nearly 40 years ago after his daughter was possessed. The witch knows everyone’s secrets and uses them to sow discord and encourage people to kill her, so she can inhabit the strongest person. She needs 1000 healthy bodies to travel and get back to her original body. Stella kills Anamika after she threatens to reveal Stella’s abortion, and Victor kills the witch when she reveals that he is a serial killer who preys on young women. The policeman encourages them to wound the witch rather than kill her, but Ruthra accidentally kills Victor. The witch taunts them by revealing that Arul turned off the policeman’s life support without telling Jency. After they bring Ruthra back to the house, Arul insists they find a way to cure her, but the Policeman says it is not possible. The witch frees herself from Ruthra, kills a policeman, and promises to let Jency live if Arul will sacrifice himself, as the witch does not want to inhabit Ruthra’s injured body. Arul initially refuses, but, after the witch appears to him and disfigures herself, he agrees. Before Arul can sacrifice himself, Jency kills the witch herself. Overcome with grief, Arul locks Jency in the box.

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