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Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing more than 10 ideas to help you prepare for back to school and start the new school year strong. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay motivated and productive in the upcoming semester.

I’m excited to create more back to school videos for you guys, so comment down below any requests you might have. Currently, I’m working on “bad study habits/mistakes to avoid” and “how to get your life together, glow up & get organized for school” videos. Hope you guys are excited to see them 🙂


Random fact: I had somehow filmed 7 hrs and 30 mins of footage for this video (which is just ridiculous), and it took me foreverrrrr to edit & get this video up, so I spent my entire family trip editing instead of relaxing 🤣 I have 1 day left until we leave, so I’ll do my best to enjoy the little time I have left lmfao 🤣

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Intro 0:00
1̲ – Get your life together 0:57
2̲ – Declutter your life 2:28
3̲ – Update music playlists 3:26
4̲ – Set goals 5:02
5̲ – Create an organization system 6:10
6̲ – Find a study buddy 7:25
7̲ – Do shopping the right way 8:45
8̲ – Set up a planning system 11:27
9̲ – Create an inspirational resource 12:15
1̲0̲ – Slowly start revising 13:09

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╰ ️IMPORTANT update about my study room: too many people tried to join, so all the features of the website stopped working like they were supposed to. Because of these circumstances, I had no choice, but to close the study room. You can find more details/info in the pinned comment.
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Name – Ellen
Age – 17 (Jan 1st, 2004)
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Editing software – Final Cut Pro X
About me – I’m Ellen, a teenage girl, who makes videos about studying, stationery, productivity and organization and more! I’m a huge stationery addict, I’m all about pastel colors and I love pandas!

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