Today it’s all about how to get stocked up at Costco!
Learn more about how to stock up your home with this emergency food supply that I share with you today.

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Hello and welcome. I am Annette reader from the biblical And today it’s another grocery discovery to help you get prepared. W As I’ve shared with you in the Proverbs 31 book that I’ve written, it’s not always about, you know, political unrest, it can be a job loss, it could be other catastrophic events that could happen. Economic downturn in your own personal finances, that having food stocked up is just a smart thing to do.

How To Get Stocked Up At Costco For Long Term Food Shortage

Here are my top picks for an emergency food supply that I found at Costco

1. Dark chocolate

2. Clif Bars

3. Almond milk

4. Oat milk

5. Almond butter

6. Dried Fruit

7. Granola

8. Oats

9. Sun Dried Organic Figs

10. Sun Dried Organic Dates

11. Raw Honey

12.Organic Spices

13. Organic Beets

14. Packaged Organic Meals

15. Chicken Stock

16. Canned Sardines

17. Canned Salmon

18. Canned Tuna

19. Organic Avocado Oil

Bonus: Meats – as long as they’re canned properly.

Food Shortage Prepping Tips

Now, always remember to read the label. Go for organic and non GMo and check the expiration date, as well. Observe proper storage to make sure that your emergency food supply will last long.

A lot of people don’t have the extra freezer space or you don’t know how to can the meat now that’s another good purchase point is to stock up on like if you were to get like 12 of those one pound packages of the organic meat, take it home and can it pressure can it so it can sit on the shelf for years, literally years 25 years, it can sit on the shelf.

So you could be stocking up on meat right now pressure can and then no refrigeration necessary.

I look forward to reading your comments soon! Thanks for watching.


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