How Much Does TJ Preps Make on YouTube?

This channel is operated by Teresa Junkin, a classic American prepper who dedicates time and energy to making sure she and her family are prepared for possible disasters. She gives her audience prepping tips as well as current news which affects preppers or has the potential to impact preppers.

She has 3 You Tube channels through only 2 are active. These are TJ Preps and TJ Knows. Social Blade shows that the former gets 2,003 views every day while the latter gets 40 views every day.

She invites fans to make donations towards supporting her channel. These can be given through PayPal or Cash App.

Some fans and supporters prefer to channel their financial support through Patreon. She has 21 patrons though there are no set amounts or membership levels.

Assuming she spends an average of 20% of her total income on production costs and other expense, it would mean she spends $2,146.37.

She lives in Georgia. For this amount she would not be required to pay anything for Federal tax, but pay $657 for FICA tax and $18 for State tax.

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