Shackleford Banks is a really unique island. We haven’t been to a similar place yet. It’s more of an experience than a sightseeing, except for wild horses.

There is no paved walkway, toilet, shade. No restaurant, buffet. Nothing modern. There is untouched nature. What you take with you will be with you to survive.

This is the first time we have seen wild horses outdoors. For us, it’s incredible that such a place exists.

We were here in late August 2020; it was a scorching temperature. We watched the horses and walked for about 1.5 hours. We found that we are not as good survivors as wild horses. We wouldn’t be able to stand here for long.

Bring plenty of water because there really isn’t a supply here, and only your sun umbrella will protect you from the sun.

Use the ferry to get to the island:

Learn more about Shackleford Banks:

Thank you for watching our short film. We hope you enjoyed it.

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