A story that is fictional but not far from reality | What would I do if the world took a turn for the worst? How would I handle myself? At what point would the protection of self become a moment by moment story of survival. A story, which I would later find out, was seldom met with polar outcomes.

Those are the things that I used to consider. What would life be like if something happened to upend daily survival on this earth as we knew it. But that was before the world changed.

Not many people saw what was happening and were able to prepare for what would come next. The world, it seemed at the time, was just getting worse. Before long the problems that we were facing every day, problems that were considered at that time, to be “just a part of life”, began adding on to each other. They compounded upon each other in such a way that it looked like, from where I stood anyway, that it caught everyone in the world off guard.

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