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There are three strikes that you can use in self defense that are really effective. Each of these moves are destined to get the desired impact and help you in defeating your attacker. They’re also easy to do if you’re in a natural position.

The first strike that is very popular is the throat strike. There are different angles that you can strike your attacker in the throat depending on the situation and your position. For a better result, use your forearm and put all your weight behind it as you aim the front of your attacker’s throat.

Another popular strike is the double palm strike. To do a double palm strike, bring up both of your hands up together and hit your attacker in the chin area pushing his head up. With your hips, bring your hands forwards and put all your strength behind it.

Finally, the third strike is the hammer fist to the nose. Hits in the nose are great because they are fast and can really hurt your attacker since the nose is a very sensitive area. The hammer strike is easy to do with your arms crossed over your chest with one hand resting below your chin.

When your life is threatened and the opportunity presents itself, just hit your opponent in the face and continue with other strikes until you are safe.

All these self-defense strikes can be performed from a natural stance and are very effective.

You can practice these strikes with a bob dummy to ensure they are effective and get the desired impact.

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